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Bridges2Health&Rights is born!

Bridges2Health&Rights was born from the ongoing collaboration between Valeska Padovese, a medical doctor specialising in dermatology and venereology and Isotta Rossoni, a criminologist focusing on sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in migration and displacement.

The idea for the NGO stemmed from the realisation that there are stark gaps in knowledge and service provision at the intersections of sexual health and SGBV worldwide, but particularly in Southern Europe, where the two co-founders are based. In the past few years, Isotta and Valeska have collaborated on several projects geared towards gathering data on knowledge, attitude and practice in the area of sexual health, as well as intersecting experiences of SGBV among migrant populations. B2H&R seeks to be a platform to pursue similar initiatives in Europe and internationally. We have many exciting projects planned for 2023 - keep checking our website for more information!

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