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Bridges2Health&Rights (B2H&R) is a non-governmental organisation operating at the international level in the broad areas of health and rights and at the intersections of disciplines such as medicine, law and criminology.


B2H&R was born on the initiative of its founders, a medical doctor specialising in dermatology and venereology with extensive experience working with migrants and a criminologist focusing on sexual and gender-based violence in migration and displacement. B2H&R focuses on research, training and awareness-raising.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We recognise the profound interconnectedness that exists between health and rights. While social derminants affect health outcomes, at the same time, health is a right which intersects and interacts with many other human rights. We work towards a world where there is more knowledge about these intersections, as well as of the barriers to health and rights faced by different society members, especially as regards skin and sexual health, and sexual and gender-based violence. Through our activities, we strive to build evidence-based knowledge and ensure it is passed on to the people who can make it actionable, whether it's professionals, community leaders or policy-makers. Ultimately, we seek to reduce existing vulnerabilities, break down social barriers and bridge gaps which prevent individuals from benefiting from full and free access to health, justice and rights.

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Our Values


We believe in a holistic understanding of health, which encompasses all aspects of wellbeing: the physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, social and spiritual.

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We reject tokenistic understandings of inclusion and work to engage and include people and communities at different steps of the process.  


We strive to be as transparent as possible about our work and impact.

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