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SSKAPP Project Phase 2

SSKAPP Project - Phase 2

Project title: SSKAPP [Skin and sexually transmitted infections KAP (knowledge, attitude and practice) survey and health promotion strategy using mobile and digital technologies in migrant populations]

Duration: 12 months (starting January 2024)

Partners:  IFD-ILDS, the Dermatology Department at the American University of Beirut and Amel Association


SSKAPP Phase 2 is a 12 month project funded by the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology focusing on skin and sexual health in displaced people and local disadvantaged populations in Lebanon. The project is managed by B2H&R in partnership with the Migrant Health Working Group of the IFD-ILDS, the Dermatology Department at the American University of Beirut and Amel Association.

SSKAPP Phase 2 stemmed naturally from the mission conducted in 2023 in collaboration with the Migrant Health Working Group of the IFD-ILDS, Medglobal and other local Lebanese stakeholders, which served to assess the skin and sexual health needs of target populations in the Bekaa Valley, an area of Lebanon with a large refugee population, constituted predominantly of Syrian nationals. In its second phase, SSKAPP aims to enhance efforts to improve access to skin and sexual health for individuals in situations of marginalisation, scale up knowledge and training of healthcare providers on common skin diseases and STIs and expand interventions to the northern part of Lebanon.




  • Capacity building /training for local GPs via the migrant health toolkit (Lead: MHWG-IFD). 

  • Roll-out of teledermatology service will be set up for complex cases (Lead: Bridges2Health&Rights). 

  • Dermatological care through collaboration with AUB

  • Research

  • Health promotion

  • Communication and dissemination.

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