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Skin health among Refugee Populations in Lebanon

In May/June 2023 Bridges2Health&Rights and the IFD carried out a dermatological capacity-building mission to Lebanon

Project title: Skin health among refugee populations in Lebanon

Duration: 1 week (25 May – 2 June)

Partners: ILDS/IFD


Lebanon is currently facing a severe socio-economic crisis. There are an estimated 1.5 million Syrian refugees, of which 90% living in extreme poverty. 36% of Syrian refugees in Lebanon have reduced access to healthcare and refugee camps are grappling with overcrowding and poor sanitation. These living conditions are conducive to skin health issues of various kinds.

In May/June 2023 Bridges2Health&Rights and the Migrants' Health Dermatology Working Group of the International League of Dermatology Societies (ILDS/IFD) carried out a dermatological capacity-building mission to Lebanon in collaboration with Medglobal, local NGOs Salama - Lebanese Association for Family health, MAPS (Multi-aid Programs) and Salam - Lebanese Association for Development and Communication to promote skin health in the Bekaa Valley with a particular focus on refugee populations. 6 dermatologists and 1 socio-legal researcher participated in the mission, which allowed to offer medical care to both refugees and locals in the area of skin health, as well as build the capacity of local medical staff to address skin issues. We are grateful to SAMS for their guidance in planning the mission.


  • To gather epidemiological data on skin diseases among refugee populations and on the needs of organisations and professionals working with refugees in Lebanon

  • To pilot the Migrants' Health Toolkit developed by the IFD/ILDS’ Migrants' Health Working Group

  • To build a network of collaborators that can outlive the mission

Expected outcomes:

  • Greater knowledge about skin diseases among refugee populations in Lebanon/needs of local healthcare providers and frontline workers

  • Capacity-building of local healthcare professionals/frontline workers

  • Feedback on the Migrants' Health Toolkit and its effectiveness

  • Network of collaborators and local dermatology champions

Watch this space for a more detailed account of mission achievements and concrete results (coming soon).

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